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The Friendliest Bank in Malaysia

Be U is designed to make your life more convenient. You can enjoy opening a bank account instantly anytime, anywhere.

No more branch visits!


Be U Visa Debit Card-i

Express yourself with any of 5 striking designs. Track and manage your finances with Be U built-in expense tracker. Manage your Be U Visa Debit Card-i through Be U with self-service controls

Power from Your Pocket

Use Be U Pocket to effortlessly manage your money and gain control of your finances.
Through Be U Pocket, you can pay and transfer funds using your Be U Qard Savings Account-i. Featuring zero balance maintenance, you will not be required to keep funds in the account for its status to be active.

Explore Be U Pocket to see how we can help you!

Explore Endless Opportunities

Through Be U, we aim to create a better future for you. Not only you get to explore the latest gigs and earn extra income (coming soon), Be U also helps you turn your dreams into a reality by saving money in our Nest!
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